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Connect data to your app

Step 1.

Go to developer dashboard and create an app.

You need to provide the following information there:

1. Application Name

This is how users will see your app when using Oauth 2.0 login page

2. Privacy Policy URL

You need to provide a valid link to a privacy policy of your app or service so users may learn about it.

3. Redirect URI

This is the URL on your backend where there will be a redirect with a code parameter in URL which you then exchange to an access token. Learn more about that in Oath 2.0 section.

Please check video below to learn how to create an app.

Step 2.

After you created an app you will get the following constants:

  • client_id
  • client_secret

These parameters you need to use in the Oauth 2.0 flow to obtain user's access_token for making API calls to CardioMood cloud.

Learn more how to obtain access_token in this tutorial